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The Talk

So mr. West coast and I had our talk about deleting Tinder and then we both agreed we would.

Which effectively abolishes my source of content for this blog sooo yeah.

Unless I think of a another way to do this ..this blog will probably be quiet for a bit.



…Is that not the same thing? Didn’t he just ask me the same question, just worded differently? Why would you do that??


…Is that not the same thing? Didn’t he just ask me the same question, just worded differently? Why would you do that??

This profile though…

This profile though…

The Profile

Th constant struggle of not knowing what to put on an online profile.. I feel like if I put too much, it signals desperation and that I’m taking this too seriously. If I put too little, then well.. What’s the point?

So why do you only have one photo of yourself? You seem like you could be really pretty

OkCupid message.

LOL what is this, an offhand compliment? I SEEM like I COULD be really pretty. Gee thanks..

2 sides of the coin

I blogged about this previously but it keeps coming up, so I think it’s worth another post.

Yes, there are total douchebags and trolls on tinder/okc just like anywhere else on the internet. Yes I’ve received messages that annoy me and make me think “what is wrong with people?”


It’s just the internet! I don’t find it worth my time to lecture/argue/have a debate with someone just because they left a rude comment/message on my profile. I see so many tumblr posts from people who “expose” these jerks, but it’s more’re baiting them along and almost ENCOURAGING them to continue based on your reaction. Isn’t it much easier to ignore them?

Good for the people who are standing up for themselves when someone says something degrading to them, but personally, I like to pick my fights and cyber fights are never worth it.

Just some of my thoughts as I scroll through my tumblr feed.

Defined relationship = new rules?

Hm, so I just logged into Tinder and saw that Mr.West Coast was “active 6mins ago”. I know not everyone goes on Tinder for hookups but.. A part of me can’t help but be like, geez you already got me. Is that hypocritical though? To be fair, I was on too. But with no intent of talking to anyone or anything.. I actually just wanted to see if HE had been on.

Should this bother me?

It doesn’t help that he’s halfway across the country right now and hasn’t replied my text. I don’t want to be THAT girl, but should this be taken as a bad sign? Or should I not look too much into it?


So now that we made it official, i don’t exactly feel right being on OkCupid and Tinder ..don’t know what exactly to blog about anymore D:

Mr. West Coast (continued)

Wow so since our first date weekend, we’ve been seeing each other pretty much every weekend. This past weekend, he came to see me before he left for his 2 week trip back home. I thought it’d be a good time to pop the “what are we” question.

We basically both agreed that we could see this working out long term, and decided to make it ‘official’ and giving it a try. I’m glad that we made things clear before he left, or else I’d spend the next few weeks wondering what exactly I had gotten myself into.

It’s still JUST sinking in that I’m a newly crowned ‘Tinderella’. I’m not sure how I feel about it, and don’t want to think too much into it either. My friends think I’m crazy and I probably am .. But hey, he’s cute, we have ridiculous chemistry, why not give it a try and see where it goes?


DONT just copy and paste exerts from my profile when you message me, especially when you’re not even referring to it in an interesting way/engaging way.

Someone literally just copied and pasted a section of my profile and said “you sound nice”. Could that have been any more generic?

I KNOW what I wrote, no need for you to tell me.

If you want to show a girl you read her profile, ask questions/make references or talk about something you have in common. For example, if a girl says she loves to bake, ask her what her favourite thing to make is. ANYTHING. Don’t just copy and paste that hobby and then say “cool”.

Great opener. We aren’t even ON pof Lol

Great opener. We aren’t even ON pof Lol

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